Welcome to the yoctonaut information page. Latest update: 4/22/12

Since August 2009, I've been working up some pieces using Bleep!BOX, and now you can hear it.

Recent yoctonaut activity:

new yoctonaut composition "tbty" is available at WeeklyBeats 2014, weekly song composition challenge.

Recent activity:

yoctonaut performed live on WRCT (88.3-FM Pittsburgh) during the 9AM to 10AM block of Rockin' 'Til the End of Time: 24 hours of live bands. on Friday, December 21, 2012.

yoctonaut performed interstitial music at the 2012 PRFBBQ in Chicago, IL on Saturday, June 30, 2012. The event was, in part, a tribute to the late John Grabski III.

yoctonaut is beta-testing a new track, XSH. Feel free to email comments.

yoctonaut performed a set at Kraftwerk Reimagined in Pittsburgh, at Howler's on Saturday, May 5, opening for Raised By Machines and Universal Beat Union. Look--there's a poster:

On March 13, 2012, yoctonaut released "Alien Verbs," composed for the 2012 PRFBBQ bandcamp collection of bands performing at the 2012 PRFBBQ. (I'm sure Richard Devine's April 2012 piece for Animoog was named "Alien Languages" only by coincidence. Also, mine is just about the verbs.)

Previous activity:

yoctonaut performed interstitial music at the 2011 PRFBBQ in Chicago, IL on Saturday, June 25. These alternated with interstitial pieces by snwv.

yoctonaut performed two sets in Austin TX on March 19, 2011. Here's the second one, the evening show at Trailer Space Records:

  1. yMotorik
  2. yTrsy
  3. Point J
  4. yRSM
  5. Summer Db
  6. Ride
  7. Us
Or get it all as one semi-convenient zip file.

Note: I'm getting a lot of hits from China. If you're in China and listening over and over to yoctonaut, why not send me some email? Of course, if you're just a bot, you're probably already sending me email. In that case, please stop.

Even earlier activity:

  • A Robot's Christmas in Wales: Merry Christmas, Robots. 126 BPM. Uploaded 12/20/10
  • Tiny Gears: Kind of 70s-disco-funky at its core, I think. I dunno, too much bass? 112 BPM. Uploaded 9/2/10
  • Cool Sea: There's some bounce, there's some swing, and some pretty little melodies dancing around the top. I guess I'm in a Krautrock phase, living the three R's: Repetition, Repetition, and Repetition. 126 BPM. Uploaded 8/24/10

While I've been quiet, I haven't been idle. How about some new drafts of pieces? Uploaded 8/18/10:

  • Motorik: A draft of a Neu!-influenced approach. Too repetitive? No--not repetitive enough. 156 BPM
  • Loveline Theme: Done for the PRF Week 100 Marsupialized Challenge. I did a theme for 'Sup's personal relations advice thread, should he take it to radio. The goal was to balance the sexy, the playful, and the geeky.

Been busy lately, but did a new track, uploaded 2/15/10:

The second batch of tracks (uploaded 2/8/10):

  • Bseq: Bass-heavy minimalist kind-of techno, 130 BPM. Slated for revision.
  • DBus: Dub-busing. Composed on the bus, and sort of dubby. The bass line is a bit like "We Gotta Get Out of This Place." I rather like the vocal synth setting there. Repetitive, needs revision. 114 BPM
  • Isol: Another one mostly composed on the bus. Tending toward minimal and isolated at first, it gets busy. 140 BPM
  • KSl: Initially composed above 20,000 feet. Very mechanical; thinking of Kraftwerk. Could use more variation. 100 BPM
  • Point J: this started life as a Jandek cover. Atmospheric, yet with a propulsive beat and bassline. 100 BPM
  • ycha: Composed the high-hat with cha-cha in mind, but the bass line and lead keyboard parts took an angular turn. But it's still catchy. 100 BPM

The first batch of tracks:

  • yoctoparty: Begun in September, gradually tinkered with, and completed this week. I really pushed Bleep!BOX with this one--I had one last voice available, but bringing it in caused dropouts from maxing out the CPU. There's a lot happening here. (Uploaded 1/28/10) 120 BPM
  • yocto-lectro: yes, very electro. But I'm also fond of the trumpet sound. (Uploaded 1/22/10) 120 BPM
  • yoctovian: the newest composition. The little guy thought it had a good beat; he gave it an eight.
  • yocto-junket: very steady-state, in its way. 80 BPM
  • yocto-cymbal: I was thinking ride cymbal here. It's kind of the oddball of the bunch. 120 BPM
  • yocto-lab: I botched the variations and the fade, but the idea's promising. 80 BPM

Comments: Feel free to email, comment in the FB group, or DM onezeromusic.