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01/11/2001 search requests: effect of music listening in restaurants

Another great search request! Someone came to my Music Listening page with a search on effect of music listening in restaurants.

I dunno, what do you think the effect is? It can't be good. And whatever it is I say about it, Netscape doesn't want you to know it anymore--my site didn't turn up when I tried that URL. Music listening in restaurants? I think it's a scourge.

12/09/2000 search requests: petroleum byproducts

Cool! A look at my logs shows that my Music Production page is the fifth result in the search for petroleum byproducts!

This is even better than my Music Listening Archive turning up in a search for list of actresses who had fender benders--just what was this guy (it had to be a guy) looking for? Is this like a minor-league version of Crash or something?