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03/29/2002 CD Covers: The Stem Cell Liberation Front

In burning a CDR of our first rehearsal for Ryan, I was sufficiently excited about the band to do up an insert for the jewel case. It's simple, but I really like the type.

12/20/2001 CD covers: Clutter, liquid-e

Shortly after the December 9 show, Clutter had a particularly successful rehearsal that we made into a CDR for promotional purposes. Nick suggested the title, and I took it as a challenge to come up with a way of representing that graphically. The whole illustration was done in Photoshop, and the blue bits in the "water" are actally little es.

12/20/2001 CD Covers: Stoic Sex Pro

For that bold, clinical, and reserved look, I went with a very greyed-out logo, which led to the whole package being greyed out. It's a nice effect.

12/12/2001 CD Covers: Clutter, Live at the University of Pittsburgh, December 9, 2001

Here's a quick design I did for the live recording of the first show I did with Clutter. I like the little illustrations standing for each of the players, and the vague 50s/early 60s vibe to the design.

08/01/2001 CD Covers: Bowie fan CDR

A friend has put together a CDR of Bowie rarities and outtakes, mainly of songs that he gave to others to record. (Consequently, they've never been compiled on one disc before.) He asked me to put a cover together, and here are the front and back:

It was a fun one to do--it's been a while since I did something with a scrapbook look.