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Web Design: Band Flyers
08/06/2006 Band Flyers: Grey Skies Fallen, NYC

Here's a return to print design: I've done some flyers recently for NYC metal band Grey Skies Fallen. I was working with bassist Mary Saragoussi, who was great, and I was able to give them a fairly quick turnaround, all working remotely. (The end products were .jpgs and .pdfs which they handed off to a quick printer.)

06/23/2003 Band Flyers

Last night when I was putting together a flyer for an upcoming show, I realized that I'm actually doing a lot of design these days. Take a look at the flyers below, and also the CD covers over on Music Production.

04/07/2003 Band Flyers: Pulse/RePulse

I'm involved in the Pulse/RePulse performance series of electronic music at Kiva Han coffeeshop, and did these flyers for the first and second runs. I like the logo I came up with for Pulse--it's simple and elemental enough that it still retains its identity in the distressed RePulse version. The yellow and white vertical line on RePulse is actually an inverted toner deposit from a jammed fax machine (a less magnified version forms the black horizontal line); the schematic in the background is an old Memory Man schematic. HotCards did a beautiful job with the printing, and turned them around quickly at a very low rate. I recommend them highly.

05/22/2002 Band Flyers: The Stem Cell Liberation Front

As we continue to play out, we're stepping up our promotional activities. To this end, I designed a couple flyers for handing out, so we can distribute information about upcoming shows. I particularly like the Constructivist flavor of this piece.