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Web Design: Logo & Identity
01/03/2006 Logo & Identity

As part of the ACME Payment Systems Corp. project, I also did logo and identity work for them. I went through a number of potential candidates before we settled on the staggered design you see here, and some of these also-rans were pretty good. Once again, I used one of my favorite typefaces, Ultramagnetic (though I really liked the District family in some of the concept pieces). While I did feel a strong pull to a few very different concepts, we went with this one due to its visual connection to ACME's business, where the others were more generic.

01/16/2004 Logo & Identity: onezero music

In addition to design and development of the onezero music site, I did the logo and identity. Unusually, there wasn't any iterative process with this one--the typeface, logo design, color scheme, everything just appeared to me quite suddenly. And it's a look that people like a lot, which chalks up one for being intuitive. This is the logo design where I finally admit my fondness and nostalgia for high Modernism and the International Style.

03/16/2002 Logo & Identity: Washington Mutual

Here was a quick little project, coming up with a graphic for Washington Mutual's internal site. Neither the wrench nor the bolt actually exist; I built them entirely in Photoshop. The colors are desaturated to fit with the already existing design of their internal page.

02/20/1998 Logo & Identity

I've been doing some logo and identity design:

Corporate identity for HKS, Inc.

The old logo

The new logo

Logo for HKS's product, CCVS (Credit Card Verification System)

Logo for Userland Software's Internet file protocol, Fat Pages