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12/12/2001 Design

New design projects have been happening! One is...this site right here. I also worked on templates for Chessclub.com, but it's unknown at the moment when they'll be implemented. This past fall and summer, I also did some print work for Washington Mutual, Inc.--print work only; it doesn't show up on their site.

I'm also currently working on a few small Web projects, and designing the package for a small CDR release of my recent performances. (See Music Production.)

06/03/1998 Design: HKS, Inc.

One of my clients, HKS, Inc., recently went to Linux Expo to show off their product CCVS. One of the promo items was a T-shirt I did for them, visible in a few photos taken at the time, but the server in Ireland hosting them seems to have gone where the woodbine twineth.