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Web Design: Environmental Defense Fund & The Smithsonian Institute
05/23/1997 Environmental Defense Fund & The Smithsonian Institute

Global Warming: Focus on the Future

We launched the huge Global Warming: Focus on the Future site, the Web side of the Environmental Defense Fund's traveling exhibit on Global Warming. The physical exhibit was at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. until Labor Day. Now, the Web is the only place to see it. To get the most out of this site, turn on Java.

11/20/1996 Wastebusters

I designed the original Web site for WasteBusters, Inc., the group responsible for the city of Pittsburgh's recycling education campaign. Recently they moved it to another server and made their own changes to the design. You may find a comparison interesting.

10/15/1996 Carnegie Science Center

In the Fall of 1996 I built an educational site for the Carnegie Science Center, which you can see if you visit Pittsburgh. It's the SciQuest NetLink kiosk in their Forces of Nature exhibit, just off the first floor. The day we opened, our web-based earthquake sensor showed a small quake outside of Harrisburg which knocked some of the Planetarium equipment out of alignment. No one had any idea of the cause until they saw the site. Pretty cool.

06/15/1996 Heartwood


The Heartwood Curriculum

A while back, I did a site for an educational nonprofit, the Heartwood Curriculum. The screen shots are of the home page of the site I did for them; they've since had someone redesign it, and if you want to compare, you can see the new site here.