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04/24/2002 WebCatalog: Sozoliving

I've just added several updates to the Sozoliving site, mostly in the navigation, although there are aesthetic changes, too. (Thanks again to Tajima Creative Group for the design changes.)

12/05/2001 WebCatalog: Sozoliving

Last month we launched the Sozoliving site, another high-end retail store similar in some respects to Turner Martin (and which, in fact, supersedes TM). Kudos to the crew at the Tajima Creative Group for the bold, clean design. This project was on an extremely compressed production schedule, but we met the launch date.

Some highlights: a pretty smart keyword search, a dynamic content rotation system integrated with content and product management, and...the resolution of a bizarre browser noncompliance with IE5 Win. (Hidden form variables between table cells results in a weird table display and improper form submission. Who knew? IE6 Win was fine, as was IE5 Mac, and other browsers, too. After a painstaking testing session, we nailed it.)

06/15/2001 WebCatalog: Dickie Walker

Yet another WebCatalog project, Dickie Walker has shoved off from the dock, as it were. This is another retail project, an online store selling nautical apparel and accessories. I was lead developer on this project, doing the WebCatalog and HTML implementation of the design specified by DW. There were some interesting challenges during development, including some particularly tricky cross-platform issues with the HTML. I'm particularly proud of the promotional code system and the system for specifying their custom embroidery. (As far as I know, they're the only ones doing custom embroidery online. Pretty slick.) Check 'em out.

Update 5/2004: Dickie Walker's now doing their own hosting in-house, so they've moved away from a WebCatalog site to something else.

12/05/2000 WebCatalog: Turner | Martin

After spending the Fall working on Turner | Martin, I'm enjoying a bit of a break. While I might like to say I've been hanging out on a beach, I'm actually learning PHP, which is proving to be pretty cool. (As of 11/15/2001, this has been superseded by Sozoliving.)

05/23/2000 WebCatalog: Network For Change

Network For Change is probably the most complicated programming project I've done to date. The design isn't mine, but most of the programming is. I built the site to let people customize what information they want to see, and how they want to see it. Visitors can choose layout, color schemes, custom graphics, etc., and define what topics they want on their page, and they can publish their page for others to see. Development started in early April, with the demo finished for May 12. It's a pretty interesting example of what I can do with WebDNA/WebCatalog.

03/27/2000 WebCatalog: Network For Change

The drift toward the techical continues at GreenMarketplace.com, with the implementation of the Wish List system. Which reminds me that I really have to delete my own test lists. I don't really want any of that stuff, folks.

01/16/2000 WebCatalog: GreenMarketplace

Lately, my work has been moving more and more toward the technical. Since August, I've been doing much more backend work in WebCatalog than in graphic design. It's an interesting change.

At this point, if you have questions relating to Web-accessible databases in WebCatalog, feel free to drop me a line.

08/25/1999 WebCatalog: Defenders of Wildlife

It's really true--it does take as long to make a "database" as it does to make a baby. (Password required for entry; sorry.) I can now code WebCatalog in my sleep.

08/08/1999 WebCatalog: GreenMarketplace

I've been lax in updating this whole site, largely because of a lot of work going on at GreenMarketplace.com--we're really bustin' a move, here.

07/15/1999 WebCatalog: GreenMarketplace

I've taken a position with GreenMarketplace.com. It promises to get extremely busy, as well as extremely interesting.

And there's more WebCatalog stuff. I'm doing a pretty huge database for a client, which is taking a significant chunk of my time.