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Web Development: Flash/Actionscript
06/10/2007 Flash/Actionscript: Turner Martin

The updated site for Turner | Martin is online! The elegant design of the site and all the photography was by the fine creative team at Tajima Creative Group, as was initial Flash work. My role was making the site dynamic, so that content can be updated by editing text files or uploading new images, rather than having to recompile the whole .swf. It's rather neat under the hood: all the hotspot positions are set by an XML file, as is all the content for the different popups, as well as the background images. This one had a long incubation period, but now you can see the results.

07/14/2006 Flash/Actionscript: Turner Martin

Years ago, I did a dynamic website for interior designers Turner|Martin, and now I've been brought in to finish a dynamic Flash site for them. We're still awaiting some content at this point, but it's been an interesting project, with over 1000 lines of Actionscript code. I set the site up to get its content at the direction of an XML file, and pull most of its images in at runtime, making it easy to update. The menus are populated dynamically, and many of the "pages" have clickable hotspots which launch virtual popups (and you can drag these around, too). All of this is changeable in the XML file, and I'm happy with where this project has come out. Watch this space--I'm sure there will be refinements and other requested features before we launch.

08/23/2005 Flash/Actionscript: Dynamic multi-import .swf for Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

This was another interesting one. The brief was for a .swf that would randomly load a set of other .swfs out of a larger group, with no repeats. The random, no-repeat code was easy enough, while getting each one to play at the right time required careful attention to inheritence and some experiments to determine when Flash parses various sections of code and why. (There's no sleep in Actionscript, which meant I had to go about these things another way.) Add to these timing concerns some substantial Actionscript modifications to the Abrams preloader and some intro and outro functions, and you have a bit of a challenge over a couple days. I ended up doing a lot of this solely in Actionscript--no timelines--which was totally the way to go, with much more control over elements. We launched on time, and the result was once again a happy client.

06/23/2005 Flash/Actionscript: Ubercool logo animation

At the request of Tajima Creative Group, I did a little animated logo for Ubercool. It was a quick little job, but I had a fair amount of leeway, so I went with animating a wireframe outline with a delay from left to right, and then drawing in the fill from left to right. The paths were a little more complex than could be easily tweened, so with paths as a guide, I ended up animating the fill manually. The effect is actually rather neat.

06/02/2005 Flash/Actionscript: Dynamic XML-parsing Actionscript for Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

This was an interesting one--while it is in essence a slide show with cross-fades, the key requirement was that Abrams staff be able to make decisions on their own about which images should go in the animation. The answer was to create a .swf which would parse an XML file and load the images at runtime, so most of the interesting stuff is happening in the main Actionscript, and there's relatively little going on in timelines. As the project went on, there were some additional interersting requests--animated section headers, the ability to adjust timing and position for individual images, forward/back/section advance/section rewind buttons, and a soundtrack. It was a bit of an education (did you know that Flash reads in XML in reverse?) but I was indeed successful (and the Abrams people were happy).

03/11/2005 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional banners for Washington Mutual

I'm in the middle of two additional rounds of Flash banners for Washington Mutual, Inc., again working with the Tajima Creative Group team. This batch had a number of very interesting transitions that didn't last through the final client sign-off, something which seems to happen somewhat frequently with animations. The ones going up will still have some niceties with text flying in and other transitions, but a few fades and morphs I rather liked will have to wait for another project.

12/08/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Dynamic presentation for Airwave

For the last several days, I've been working quite intensely with the Tajima Creative Group team on developing a large Flash presentation for Airwave. We were animating a number of screenshots with an eye toward readability, syncing motion and scene changes to an audio soundtrack, and since others were working on the .fla as well, we we had a lot of material to keep organized. An interesting project, and the client was quite happy with it as well.

10/31/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional banners for Washington Mutual

I've now done several more rounds of Flash banners for Washington Mutual, Inc., again working with the Tajima Creative Group team. I'm still working from Illustrator files and animating them by generating transitions, fades, tweening, and tweaking the Actionscript codebase I developed. Apparently many of these are up on Washington Mutual, Inc.'s site, so have a look around.

08/17/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional in-house video animations for Washington Mutual

I spent an intense week working on several large-scale animations for Washington Mutual, Inc., which aren't to go on their site at all--they're going on video monitors in the various bank branches. They're much larger files than what I've been doing for download, and they're at 30 frames per second. If you happen to be in a branch, take a look around for them.

05/20/2004 Flash/Actionscript: Promotional banners for Washington Mutual

Lately I've been doing a number of Flash banners for Washington Mutual, Inc. as part of the Tajima Creative Group team. I've been taking the approved storyboards and animating them, generating the transitions, fades, moving things around the stage, and creating Actionscript code that gets dynamic information from the server that hosts the .swfs. Pretty interesting, and it's really sharpened up my animation chops. More info when they're online, but I'm in the middle of the second batch of these, and it's fun.

08/15/2003 Flash/Actionscript: Flash application for Washington Mutual promotional CD

Tajima Creative Group asked me to join the Flash team for this project, primarily to contribute financial calculators and advanced functionality to an interactive survey. To do this, I had to get up to speed rather quickly on Flash MX; fortunately, Actionscript is nearly isomorphic with Javascript...except for the complete absence of the Document Object Model, and I/O being handled by Flash objects. Despite some proprietary Flash quirkiness, and my having to complete a fair amount of work while I was on tour, we were able to finish the project successfully within the deadline. (Props to Aaron and Mark, who handled many of the other Flash duties on this, particularly the animated transitions.)