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Web Development: PHP/mySQL
11/15/2008 PHP/mySQL: Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra

I built an online ticket-generating system for the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra, which lets visitors download and print dynamically generated PDFs of tickets to the PYSO's free events. It's more convenient than their previous system, and offers significant savings over having to mail them out. This was a PHP/mySQL project in CodeIgniter, also involving the FPDF library for the PDF output.

05/30/2008 PHP/mySQL: CodeIgniter

I've been finishing up various projects and cultivating some new ones. Before the new ones start, I've been getting into the CodeIgniter MVC framework. It's a pretty natural fit, since I've been using ideas from the MVC world for a year and a half now. Very small footprint, good performance, and quite flexible. And it turns out that some of the things I've been doing in my CMS fill a need in CI, like building out the administrative area based on the structure of the database itself. Interesting framework, and I can see using it for a number of things that are in the pipeline.

09/01/2007 PHP/mySQL: IraqSlogger.com subscription system

I did all the PHP, mySQL, and Javascript on a new subscriber system for IraqSlogger, including the interface with the payment processing API. Some notable features include showing limited content to non-subscribers, auto-renewal, reporting scripts, special organization subscriptions with IP-address-based access (some of which are limited to fixed numbers of simultaneous users).

08/22/2007 PHP/mySQL: Sequitur

Recently, I ported the site for the NYC ensemble Sequitur from a static HTML model to my CMS. The design was done by Lost In Brooklyn, and it remains unchanged. Underneath the design, though, there are several specialized mySQL searches that populate the page content automatically.

01/29/2007 PHP/mySQL: Dynamic PDF generation

I developed a dynamic PDF generator for the The Rights Workshop, using the fpdf library to create PDFs on the fly based on user input. It's a bit like writing raw Postscript at times.

08/29/2006 PHP/mySQL: Lime Syndicate

This site, for Lime Syndicate, was a project with the design team of Cartwheel Creative. Lime Syndicate needed a way of searching a specific user's ranking in a very large database that was constantly changing. My solution was to compile selected information into temporary tables for sorting and searching based on the most recent available data. It was interesting to tackle this kind of problem.

08/15/2005 PHP/mySQL: Ongoing work

Work continues on an update of IRG Plotters & Printers. When we launch this version, there will be a rather nice search function. Stay tuned.

08/15/2005 PHP/mySQL: Upgrades to Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

I'm gradually rolling new features into Harry N. Abrams, Inc.. While some of these improvements are subtle changes on the site's administrative side, or under-the-hood enhancements, there are a few that are showing up on the public side at the moment, most notably a promotional listing system, and shortly we'll roll out a newsletter/mailing list system that I've coded.

10/28/2004 PHP/mySQL: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

In the months since launching the Harry N. Abrams, Inc. site, I've done a number of enhancements for them. I've set up the UK site to look at the same templates and database, but offer different content. I did create a system for running a contest online, which is ready to go, although they're still working on the exact terms and conditions. In addition to that, I've been taking care of a number of minor changes and enhancements, and the site's worked out quite well.

07/15/2004 PHP/mySQL: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

In what's turned out to be a two-launch day, I've also launched (smoothly, I might add) the new site of well-known art book publisher Harry N. Abrams, Inc.. The design was done by their in-house team (very nice work--check out the Flash they did on each of the imprint pages), and necessitated that many of their books get as many as seven images. Given that they have over two thousand books in print, that was a lot of work, and there was a gap of a few months between our first and second stages while they prepared their files. When we reconvened, there were some additional feature requests (connections between books and calendar events, special cases with some ISBNs, changes to the behavior of the searches, some alternate ways of maintaining content, and more). What we have is a pretty solid site with some powerful tools. We're all quite happy with this one--take a look.

03/15/2004 PHP/mySQL: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

I'm finishing up a new dynamic web infrastructure for Harry N. Abrams, Inc., which should be online later this week. [Actually, given the sheer volume of text and image content on their site, the full preparation took somewhat longer.] Their staff has done a wonderful redesign, and I've done all the database development as well as the dynamic processing in PHP. Most of the truly interesting stuff is in the searches: there's a simple text search, an advanced search, and a text-based search in which users can enter complex conditional search terms. More info once we roll it out.

02/28/2003 PHP/mySQL: Online Project Tracker for Washington Mutual Home Loans Marketing

I've just finished this project, and it involved a couple very interesting extensions. The client asked for online spelling checking, which was a new area of development for me. There happened to be some issues with custom PHP builds on the host, so I ended up compiling and installing Aspell, and connecting PHP to it through a pipe, with a fair amount of Javascript for the interface. It works quite well, actually, with some significant advantages over PHP's pspell commands, particularly that we can check whole blocks of text at once, instead of being limited to checking one word at a time.

We also made some changes to the hierarchy, and addressed a number of browser-specific issues to make life easier for the client. And the project was due on Monday the 3rd, but we've turned it over to the client early. A very nice project. (Again, Tajima Creative Group deserves significant credit for design, UI, and project management on this one.) I'm not linking to the project, by the way, as it's for the client's internal use.

01/03/2003 PHP/mySQL: Online Project Tracker for Washington Mutual Home Loans Marketing

It was actually quite a busy fall and winter here, as I'd been working on a project tracking system for this particular office of Washington Mutual, Inc. since October. We're wrapping up this phase of it fairly soon, and it's been quite an interesting project.

The deepest part of the project to me has been how to handle the searching and display of the hierarchy--projects can own subprojects, and subprojects can own activities, but all of these can own notes/tasks...and often the system needs to search all of these branches--and needs to make sense of the results. (Yes, it does search and make sense of them.) There's also quite a nice display system for expanding and collapsing the hierarchy (item by item and also globally), and which remembers what you've chosen to expand or collapse. And there are several convenient reporting options to see what stages the various projects are in.

Once again, kudos are due to the rest of the team at Tajima Creative Group for the elegant design and the overall management of this large project. (Note that there are no links to this project, as it's an internal site.)

12/12/2001 PHP/mySQL

This Website! Now entirely PHP-flavored! Nothing static about it! It won't stick to your browser, adding unsightly wrinkles to your Web browsing experience. There are plenty of interesting features going on in the code, but I'll be adding more over time. Stay tuned.

06/15/2001 PHP/mySQL: CIMH

The CIMH site is up, and it's technically pretty interesting. It's in PHP, which has come to be my preferred development environment. While you can order publications and conference registrations on it, the site is mainly for distribution of information. This one's all about content management--in addition to building the front end, I built a Web-based content management system for CIMH staff to be able to maintain their own content. As has been the case with several recent projects, while I did the PHP/mySQL and HTML, I can't take credit for the design itself.

Update 9/2004: CIMH has moved to a free hosting service, so they're now using that service's ColdFusion CMS.