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Web Development: PHP/mySQL/Javascript
01/10/2011 PHP/mySQL/Javascript

Here's a new site for Family Resources of Western Pennsylvania, built on the latest version of the Actual Size CMS. We did a full restructuring of our admin interface, and there's a lot of gorgeous work on the front end from the Actual Size team. My role was to design the data structure (MySQL) and do the dynamic server-side scripting (PHP MVC Codeigniter), coordinating closely with our designers and front-end developer. Significant challenge: integrating (successfully!) two different flavors of PayPal clearing for donations and benefit purchases.

11/01/2010 PHP/mySQL/Javascript

Another new site, for hockey blog TrueHockey. The excellent, bold design was done, of course, by our fine team at Actual Size Creative. Notable problem solved: there are a lot of different types of content, many of which behave slightly differently, but all need to be aggregated in some places, and performance needs to be responsive. I structured the database with this in mind, doing a combination of discrete tables for presentation and aggregated tables for searching. Another interesting problem was commenter authorization, so the site offers login through a native system, Facebook, and Twitter, each of which are, of course, rather different, but the behavior is consistent for users from each. I coded the CMS and dynamic front-end in PHP MVC framework Codeigniter.

11/12/2007 PHP/mySQL/Javascript: Infocast

I did all PHP and mySQL as well as some Javascript (including AJAX) on the new site for Infocast, a group that manages energy conferences. Some notable features: an admin area that's easy for staff to use, with convenient buttons for image inclusion and link generation, as well as buttons for common HTML tasks, and an HTML table generator and editor. On the front end, there are some interesting features, like individual conferences having one of two layouts and many different potential color schemes, all quickly selectable in the admin area. There's also a dynamic calendar system and search features for finding conferences easily.

For this site, I worked with the fine people at Rapture Studio, and we worked very hard to get the CSS and Javascript to be compatible with as many browsers as possible.