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Web Development: PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript
05/18/2012 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: Carnegie Mellon University Qatar (W|W)

As part of my work at Wall-to-Wall Studios, Inc., I did the PHP/MySQL/CSS/JavaScript work on a clean, compelling, modern site for Carnegie Mellon University Qatar. This was built on top of W|W's custom in-house CMS, and features parallax JavaScript scrolling on the home page, with dynamically sized full-screen images at the highest possible resolution. These appear on the home page, main section page backgrounds (with a dynamic reveal), and anywhere there's a gallery. This was a fun one.

01/31/2012 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: Forbes Management (W|W)

As part of my work at Wall-to-Wall Studios, Inc., I did the PHP coding, MySQL design and query writing, and HTML/CSS/Javascripting for the new website for local real estate rental company Forbes Management. This was built on W|W's custom CMS, developed in-house by several developers (myself included) on CakePHP. The design's elegant precision required exacting work in the HTML/CSS JS realm, and there were several interesting niceties like the dynamic property search and custom behavior of forms on the frontend and backend. A neat, challenging site for a great client.

10/07/2011 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: Burgatory Website

In my capacity as a developer at Wall-to-Wall Studios, I did the PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript development for the excellent design for Burgatory. Neat features include a design implementation that scales down to mobile, complex CSS that presents multiple layers and textures, a custom design of the embedded Google Map, as well as integration with NoWait, MailChimp, and PayPal APIs. This was a complex implementation on Wordpress, and I'm quite proud of it.

01/28/2010 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript

A really nice new site, for The Century Council's Ask, Listen, Learn program. I built and structured the database, coded the CMS and dynamic front-end in PHP MVC framework Codeigniter, and did a fair amount of the front-end implementation, working closely with Steve, Actual Size's new front-end developer. Possibly the part of the site I'm proudest of: when you sign up and upload your photo, my code dynamically creates a baseball card for you. You choose colors, text, icons, etc., and we give you a custom graphic. Pretty slick, and there's a lot of neat stuff going on here.

06/09/2009 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript

New site for Actual Size Creative!. I designed the database structure (MySQL), scripted the front end and CMS in the PHP MVC framework CodeIgniter, and spent a lot of time with prototype.js and scriptaculous for the animation. Some tricky stuff here, and a great design by my co-workers.

03/04/2008 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: Long Tail Audio

Long Tail Audio, a group of audio engineers who clean up and digitize audio archives. The site itself is my standard content management system with a very compelling look and feel from design studio Lost In Brooklyn. I did have to spend some time tweaking the presentation to work with the woefully non-compliant IE 6, but the site does render well in all the major browsers. Some interesting additional bells and whistles are in the planning phases, as well.

01/26/2008 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: This website

It's been quite a while in coming--one's own projects come last, after other clients--but I've finally upgraded my own site to the latest version of my CMS. Most of the enhancements are on the admin side or in the structure of the site itself, particularly the database structure (I've become a big believer in convention over configuration, from the MVC world). There are, however, some standard niceties in the front end (permalinks, next/prev) that weren't in the old 2001-era version of the site. (Yes, the dog food was that old.) Updates are easier now, so there'll be even more enhancements this year.

11/15/2007 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow

I did all the web development (PHP/mySQL, Javascript/AJAX, and HTML/CSS) on the updated website for Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, one of New York City's leading employment and training organizations. The site includes some animation effects using the Scriptaculous library, a registration system for potential employers to review candidates, search engines for both the site's content and candidate resumes, and Flash-video-based virtual interviews (these are visible only for logged-in employers). The excellent design design work was done by Lost In Brooklyn.