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02/18/2011 Quick Takes

Somehow, it just became absolutely essential that I listen to this. Maybe the same is true for you. On The Corner - Miles Davis - Pandora Internet Radio

02/14/2011 Quick Takes

Here comes the SunnO))).

Southern Shelter » Sunn O)))

02/10/2011 Quick Takes

Branca, Symphony No. 5, 6th Movement.

Glenn Branca - Symphony 5 (live @ the Kitchen) PART 1

02/09/2011 Quick Takes

This is a perfect morning for Rhys Chatham's A Crimson Grail.

02/09/2011 Quick Takes

Now it's time for The Jesus Lizard.

02/07/2011 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Stockhausen's Mikrophonie. It's like being in a concert hall with six judgemental ducks.

02/03/2011 Quick Takes

Who did this to us?

The For Carnation - Moonbeams

01/26/2011 Quick Takes

I'm all about Chris Brokaw's "Dresden Promenade." Both versions slay.

01/20/2011 Quick Takes

Commuting music: Arcane Device, Engines of Myth.

01/19/2011 Quick Takes

Listening to Bahram Mansurov, tar player from Azerbaijan.

01/18/2011 Quick Takes

Shaping up to be a Sonny day.

Sonny Sharrock - "Who Does She Hope to Be?"

01/15/2011 Quick Takes

Out with the boys. Driving soundtrack: Meet the Residents.

01/13/2011 Quick Takes

Rockin' the Stockhausen for the morning commute.

01/04/2011 Quick Takes

Mind-blowingly beautiful music for Tuesday afternoon.

Popol Vuh - Aguirre I (L'acrime di rei)

01/03/2011 Quick Takes

just can't stop listening to the In a Silent Way sessions.

12/31/2010 Quick Takes

Last night: rehearsal/planning for 2011 gigs with belly dancers. Now: Kids' play date. Tonight: neighbors' family-friendly party. 2010's going out on a fun note. Here's to a great 2011 for everyone!

12/30/2010 Quick Takes

I just combined a Krautrock-inspired drum pattern I wrote in '08 or '09 with a belly-dance pattern from '05, and it all works.

12/21/2010 Quick Takes

"I'll take both of *you* on! I'll take both of *you* on!"

The Fall - Winter - Peel Session

12/19/2010 Quick Takes

All this time, we were standing at the finish line.

Come - Finish Line

12/18/2010 Quick Takes

2011: Year of the Scaffo Aesthetic

12/17/2010 Quick Takes

Bert Jansch: transcendent. Pegi Young Band: very good. A great show in a great room.

No Neil; I have heard that he objected to a certain audience member's derogatory use of Lanois's phrase "I got in there with my sonics." still, a fine evening.

12/17/2010 Quick Takes

RIP, Captain Beefheart, difficult, cantankerous, impossible-to-work-for, sublime weirdo bluesman.

Captain Beefheart dies at 69 | EW.com

12/14/2010 Quick Takes

Guitar building update: According to the fretboard radius gauges, the Eastwood Saturn neck is a 12". Radius of pretty much every bridge I've seen, including the roller bridge I'd wanted: 12". Good news, especially since you can't file down a roller bridge.

12/09/2010 Quick Takes

Neil Young - Guitar Solo 5 (pt.1)

12/08/2010 Quick Takes

A bit late in the year, but still a fantastic piece of music.

indian summer.wmv

12/03/2010 Quick Takes

Listening to this now. If you have an iPhone, you should snag this. (And the iPad version gives you six simultaneously!)

MATRIXSYNTH: Buddha Machine for iPhone is Free for Next Three Days

12/03/2010 Quick Takes

Res-O-Glas guitar body on its way. (Apparently I got the last white Belmont body of this run.)

Design Options - Res-O-Glas Guitar Parts, Custom Guitar Kits, Made in the USA, Fiberglas guitar

11/24/2010 Quick Takes

In a major Feldman phase, so I just ordered this.

ROIR: Morton Feldman

11/22/2010 Quick Takes

The stretch of pages 42-58 of Morton Feldman's Trio is really happening. Right now, this is my pop music.

11/18/2010 Quick Takes

I'm dealing with Bad Neighbor Effect. Fortunately this is just on a database server, and not in our real neighborhood.

11/17/2010 Quick Takes

I somehow went from listening to The Gary's Logan to Morton Feldman's For Philip Guston.

11/16/2010 Quick Takes

Everything is happening.

Come - Yr Reign

11/12/2010 Quick Takes

That was one great evening of fine American rock music, courtesy of the Karl Hendricks Trio, Black Helicopter, and Bottomless Pit. Boston, get out to tonight's show. (Bonus item: BP kept Random Weird Hat Guy outside dancing his bizarre acid dance throughout the whole set.)

11/09/2010 Quick Takes

Cluster's "Oh Odessa" was a huge hit with the boys this morning.

11/07/2010 Quick Takes

I'm loading up the iPod with Cluster, Neu!, and Harmonia. I sense a theme.

11/01/2010 Quick Takes

New Venue! Thanks to Lili Coffee*Shop in Polish Hill!

The Eighth Annual Open Mic Jandek Cover Night

10/25/2010 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Erkin Koray's Elektronik Turkuler.

10/24/2010 Quick Takes

Now it's a night for SKWM's Developer.

10/24/2010 Quick Takes


10/13/2010 Quick Takes

Be sure to get your RDA of Chrome.

Chrome - T.V. As Eyes

10/05/2010 Quick Takes

Then slowly turn...

Joel R. L. Phelps & The Downer Trio - 'Then Slowly Turn'

10/04/2010 Quick Takes

Here's how the day starts.

Alexander 'Skip' Spence - Little Hands

10/01/2010 Quick Takes

So, Twitter @Anywhere authentication, who's laughing now, huh?

09/29/2010 Quick Takes

An afternoon for the Cellar Door Sessions.

The Cellar Door Sessions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

09/28/2010 Quick Takes

Just relax, just relax, just relax.

Come - Submerge - on Dailymotion

09/28/2010 Quick Takes

had no idea Van Dyke Parks had such deep roots in the Pittsburgh area--McKeesport High School, Carnegie Tech (as it was then), getting thrown out of the Frick mansion (though his visit there today went rather better). Great show.

09/24/2010 Quick Takes

It's morning, but this is the soundtrack.

Richard & Linda Thompson / Night Comes In

09/21/2010 Quick Takes

thinks it's time to put on some music from The Gary.

09/16/2010 Quick Takes

You gotta do what you gotta do.

Autumn Leaves - Live - Tripod Jimmie - 1982

09/09/2010 Quick Takes

"I have nothing to lose, nothing to gain."

David Bowie Blackout

09/09/2010 Quick Takes

Listening to the PRF Songwriting Challenges. Astonishingly wonderful stuff. These are my people. (NB: my work can be found in weeks 100, 80, 74, and 73, and A Fine Chaos covered one of my pieces in week 93.)

09/01/2010 Quick Takes

JB Hutto and the Hawks

08/26/2010 Quick Takes

Apparently Al Johnson vastly improves any kind of party.

Shorty - "Coopie N' Me"

08/26/2010 Quick Takes

Somehow this became an afternoon for the great, inexplicable band Shorty.

Shorty - Rocketman, Rocketman

08/26/2010 Quick Takes

I have become a bit obsessed with Pere Ubu's B each B oys seedee +, particularly the intro to "Down By The River": "I can't help it if my nightmares are stupid. I bet yours aren't that good, either."

08/24/2010 Quick Takes

No matter how good one's morning is, it's even better with this.

Neu! - Hallogallo

08/17/2010 Quick Takes

Whoa! Robert Fripp plays on a Grinderman track! (OK, PFk link, so what.)

08/04/2010 Quick Takes

All about this song today--the Thalia Zedek trend continues.

Come -- German Song at Tanned Tin

07/30/2010 Quick Takes

U.S. Maple afternoon: Acre Thrills, then Live at the Casbah. Next up: Purple on Time or Long Hair in Three Stages?

07/29/2010 Quick Takes

Speaking of next week's Jandek show, there's a Jandek show next week. The legendary outsider folk/blues figure emerges for a rare show Thursday, August 5, 8PM at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Tickets $15 advance, $17 at the door. This is Jandek's first ever Pittsburgh performance, and not to be missed. http://www.pittsburgharts.org/jandek.php

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts / Jandek - Aug 5, 2010

07/29/2010 Quick Takes

I just did an interview for the City Paper with Manny Theiner for Manny's upcoming article on next week's Jandek show.

07/29/2010 Quick Takes

I'm stretching out the left hand by practicing on the baritone guitar. Ow.

07/28/2010 Quick Takes

The Thalia Zedek phase continues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pcw1vAaAI8

Come -Car

07/26/2010 Quick Takes

Recent playlist: Live Skull, Come, Uzi. Looks like I'm in a Thalia Zedek phase.

07/13/2010 Quick Takes

The song of the morning. New full-length out soon.

Dogtag by Bottomless Pit

07/09/2010 Quick Takes

I'm still all about Live Skull's Positraction.

07/07/2010 Quick Takes

I'm having a Live Skull morning. That band deserved better than they got.

07/06/2010 Quick Takes

An afternoon for Live Skull. (Anyone remember them besides me?)

06/29/2010 Quick Takes

"Joe the Lion" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtQ3JLF9lYI

06/26/2010 Quick Takes

I probably won't be joining the EGC club anytime soon, but just might talk himself into one of these projects: http://www.guitarkitsusa.com/

06/22/2010 Quick Takes

I'm all about Papa M's "Up North Kids" this morning.

06/16/2010 Quick Takes

The boys and I sing this a lot. Except we just sing the chorus, and we sing it as "Underpaaaaaaants!"

John Foxx - Underpass hd ( Official Promo )

05/14/2010 Quick Takes

I'm rebooting the afternoon with That Petrol Emotion's fine Manic Pop Thrill.

05/13/2010 Quick Takes

It's a morning for Keith Fullerton Whitman's Playthroughs.

04/30/2010 Quick Takes

I have determined that this is a morning for Chrome.

04/29/2010 Quick Takes

Sure listening to a lot of U.S. Maple these days.

04/22/2010 Quick Takes

"OK. S-see, there was this...and, a-and tha... Never mind. Forget it--you wouldn't understand anyway."

04/22/2010 Quick Takes

Whaddya know, another Metal Box morning.

04/21/2010 Quick Takes

This morning it's suddenly all about last month's Autechre webcast.

04/20/2010 Quick Takes

It's a Metal Box afternoon.

04/16/2010 Quick Takes

"Spring always sighed, Summer had to be satisfied, and Fall's a feeling that I just can't lose."

04/12/2010 Quick Takes

Speechless. (Fred Frith's Speechless, that is.)

04/09/2010 Quick Takes

Corrupting sound forever.

04/06/2010 Quick Takes

Oh, man. I do love me some vocoded vocals.

Sam Anderson on 'How to Wreck a Nice Beach: the Vocoder From World War II to Hip-Hop, the Machine Sp

03/26/2010 Quick Takes

Tonight there'll be ice cream...ice cream for crow.

03/26/2010 Quick Takes

"Moonlight on Vermont"

03/23/2010 Quick Takes

Somehow, this became a morning for Miles's Agharta

03/17/2010 Quick Takes

Another great talent gone: RIP Alex Chilton. Thanks for the thrilling, beautiful, harrowing music.

03/17/2010 Quick Takes

Thoughts go by steam.

03/16/2010 Quick Takes

I'm at the moment all about the fine rock music of Bottomless Pit.

03/11/2010 Quick Takes

A fine balance of happy/sad. Hello, sun. Bye, Mark.

Sparklehorse - "sunshine"

03/08/2010 Quick Takes

I strongly recommend the glorious end section of the song "Italy," if you need some uplifting. For those of sensitive or easily-offended constitutions, try to look past the band name.


03/07/2010 Quick Takes

R.I.P., Mark Linkous.

02/24/2010 Quick Takes

This feels like a morning for La Monte Young's Well-Tuned Piano.

02/22/2010 Quick Takes

Meta-hodos, or meta-meta-hodos?

02/19/2010 Quick Takes

Good Morning, Spider.

02/15/2010 Quick Takes

Cluster '71 and Cluster II

02/12/2010 Quick Takes

Recording bass lines; the left hand has started complaining.

02/11/2010 Quick Takes


Neu! - Hallogallo

02/08/2010 Quick Takes

I'm bringing you a better tomorrow today, but isn't sure what will fill the vacuum where tomorrow was going to go.

02/05/2010 Quick Takes

Turning out to be a Riverside-era Thelonious Monk morning.

02/03/2010 Quick Takes

This afternoon, it's all about Slates(uh).

02/01/2010 Quick Takes

This is turning out to be an In a Silent Way Sessions day.

01/29/2010 Quick Takes

If you haven't heard this Maserati show, you should:
R.I.P., Jerry, you incredible musician.

01/22/2010 Quick Takes

It's a Skip Spence morning.

01/21/2010 Quick Takes

Look out honey, 'cause I'm usin' technology.

01/20/2010 Quick Takes

I'm all about Sun Araw's Beach Head right now.

01/14/2010 Quick Takes

Another Ege Bamyasi morning.

01/13/2010 Quick Takes

Mental soundtrack: Maserati's "12/16." RIP, Jerry. Those one-armed fills still blow my mind.

01/06/2010 Quick Takes

I misread the track listings in iTunes, and thought for a moment that the band Shorty had, like Shooby Taylor, done a version of "Lift Every Voice and Sing."

01/06/2010 Quick Takes

Ege Bamyasi

01/06/2010 Quick Takes

The King Tubby-to-Autechre transition was a bit jarring, but seems kind of natural now.

01/02/2010 Quick Takes

Considering how unpleasant the Automat 0.4-to-Automat 1.0 conversion process is, I can see why I've put it off, but there's no resurrecting most of my Ableton Live work without it. So here goes nothing.

12/23/2009 Quick Takes

Morning bus soundtrack: Dirty Three's "I Really Should Have Gone Out Last Night." Up next: either something from Friends of Dean Martinez or Tonight's the Night-era Neil Young.

I'm not as bad off as this sounds, really.

12/23/2009 Quick Takes

It wouldn't be Christmas without The ECC's The Christmas Wrong.

12/22/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Band of Susans morning.

12/10/2009 Quick Takes

Torch of the Mystics

12/10/2009 Quick Takes

I was going to type "Hallo, Gallo" as a status update, but then most people would think I'm either drinking jug wine way too early, or hanging out with Vincent Gallo, instead of listening to Neu!, which is what I'm really doing.

12/04/2009 Quick Takes

I just told someone "I'll be in the bit-mines."

12/01/2009 Quick Takes

Yet another day of PHP programming, and still no flying teapot in sight.

11/25/2009 Quick Takes

Kraftwerk, Bremen, 1971. If you haven't heard it, it's not what you'd expect.

11/24/2009 Quick Takes

Tamburas at 120 Hz, 90 Hz, and 60 Hz.

11/19/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Can morning. So yes, we Can.

11/18/2009 Quick Takes

A certain kind of software developer, if he was building a house, would lavish great time and attention on an elaborate and possibly revolutionary scheme to replace all the doorknobs with something "much better," but meanwhile none of the bricks would be mortared together, because people have already solved that problem in other houses.

11/17/2009 Quick Takes

Subrig Destroyer is having a markedly positive effect on my day.

11/10/2009 Quick Takes

Started with Friends of Dean Martinez -> The Birthday Party -> The Jesus Lizard -> Earth -> Beefheart today, getting the highest productivity with TJL and Beefheart.

11/05/2009 Quick Takes

I'm a longtime customer of the Heavenly Music Corporation.

11/02/2009 Quick Takes

I'm probably the only person in town to go to work with a bag of Jandek CDs.

10/30/2009 Quick Takes

Stooges' Fun House, or Birthday Party Live 81-82?

10/05/2009 Quick Takes

I'm taking in the morning SunnO))).

10/03/2009 Quick Takes

I wrote yet another good yoctonaut track last night. Bleep!BOX is teh hottness.

10/02/2009 Quick Takes

Some days only SKWM's Developer will do it.

10/01/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Popol Vuh -> Kraftwerk 1 kind of day so far.

09/23/2009 Quick Takes

I'm having a SunnO))) GrimmRobes Live '08 morning.

09/21/2009 Quick Takes

I'm surprised by this glorious pop melody. Sounds like a bridge or post-chorus or something. Gonna have to get this down.

09/09/2009 Quick Takes

Here's one for a friend who's on a Fairport Convention kick today.

Fairport Convention "Now Be Thankful"

08/28/2009 Quick Takes

I'm visiting Doc at the Radar Station.

08/28/2009 Quick Takes

I'm it all that wrong to be listening to U.S. Maple this early in the morning?

08/26/2009 Quick Takes

I'm still all about listening to Neu! this morning.

08/25/2009 Quick Takes


Guitar Blog: 70s Jolana Star X

08/25/2009 Quick Takes

Can't stop listening to Neu!'s "Seeland" on repeat.

08/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm glad to have seen Les Paul once at Iridium. RIP

08/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm really impressed with Kevin's work on the upcoming Artificial Sea disc.

08/11/2009 Quick Takes

I'm having an Afghani folk music kind of morning. (Le rubâb de Hérat)

07/30/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all "flatwounds and new bass bridge."

07/28/2009 Quick Takes

Y. Bhekhirst tells me that "it's hot in the airport." (h/t WFMU)

07/27/2009 Quick Takes

I'm beginning the day with some Deep Listening.

07/22/2009 Quick Takes

I have accepted The Jesus Lizard as my personal soundtrack.

07/17/2009 Quick Takes

Studio dialogue. False start. Fragment. Studio dialogue. Fragment. False start. Take 27. Studio dialogue. Fragment. False start. Studio dialogue. Take 28.

07/16/2009 Quick Takes

I'm having another Sun City Girls day.

07/13/2009 Quick Takes

While it is indeed July, this morning it's Easter Everywhere.

07/10/2009 Quick Takes

I went spelunking through the archives and found a very promising track.

07/09/2009 Quick Takes

I'm trying to decide: Cellar Door Sessions, Get Up With It, In a Silent Way, or the In a Silent Way Sessions?

06/25/2009 Quick Takes

I'm thinking that when Neu! 75 is over, it's time for Shorty's Thumb Days.

06/17/2009 Quick Takes

I'm happily listening to the new Polvo advance single!

New Polvo From Merge Every Bit As Good As Expected…Listen To The Album’s First Track! | Make Major M

06/16/2009 Quick Takes

RIP, Bob Bogle. Happy surfing in the hereafter.

06/15/2009 Quick Takes

The song of the day. It's working for me, anyway.

Shorty - "Coopie N' Me"

06/02/2009 Quick Takes

Many thanks to Steve for the lap steel loan.

06/01/2009 Quick Takes

I have fired up Robert Quine and Fred Maher's LP Basic. RIP, RQ.

05/27/2009 Quick Takes

I have found that it's turned into a Gong afternoon.

05/27/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all about the pedal steel right now. Now if I could just find one ultra-cheap...

05/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all about the drone.

05/11/2009 Quick Takes

So I just did a table-based layout with pixel shims for an HTML email. Does THAT make me so evil?

04/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all about the Band of Susans version of "Guitar Trio" this afternoon.

04/07/2009 Quick Takes

I'm debating: Birthday Party live, or more minimalism? And is "more minimalism" a kind of oxymoron?

04/06/2009 Quick Takes

I'm watching this, wherein Jandek brings the funk/skronk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acLwiYpSTFE

04/06/2009 Quick Takes

It's time for Branca's Symphony No. 5.

04/03/2009 Quick Takes

Some days, what you really need is The Jesus Lizard.

04/03/2009 Quick Takes

I'm now all about Kraftwerk/Organisation's Tone Float.

04/03/2009 Quick Takes

I have tweaking-design-for-Outlook rage.

04/02/2009 Quick Takes

I'm still in this On The Corner mode.

04/01/2009 Quick Takes

I have determined that it's all about the On The Corner Sessions today.

04/01/2009 Quick Takes

I'll note that the multi-DVD-swapping Adobe CS4 install is just like the multi-floppy-swapping software installs of 20 years ago.

03/24/2009 Quick Takes

Drinking coffee, starting the work day, and listening to the Furbies singing, each to each.

03/23/2009 Quick Takes

I'm in kind of a Squarepusher space today

03/10/2009 Quick Takes

It's an On The Corner Sessions day

03/10/2009 Quick Takes

Thanks to Jodi for encouraging a Morton Feldman kind of day

03/06/2009 Quick Takes

Cranking up Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus.

03/05/2009 Quick Takes

I'm doing some very subtle Javascript coding before punching out.

02/28/2009 Quick Takes

I wonder what Damo Suzuki's auctioning off beginning at 6:40 in "Peking O."

02/28/2009 Quick Takes

This new tune is yet another Bedhead ripoff, isn't it?

02/26/2009 Quick Takes

points out that James Gyre's video post has turned this into a Can day.

02/25/2009 Quick Takes

It's a Sun City Girls day.

02/24/2009 Quick Takes

That riff was too good to be his own composition, but I can't figure out which song I ripped off.

02/23/2009 Quick Takes

I ask: James Tenney or the Bar-Kays? And wonder what both would sound like together.

02/20/2009 Quick Takes

Abdullah Chmairan's guitar playing absolutely melts/slays in this video (though you can barely see him, if at all). A Moroccan wedding musician is now on my list of favorite players. More info in this travelogue here: http://blastitude.com/27/#morocco

dance sahrawi . Man . Guelmim

01/23/2009 Quick Takes

I wish I'd gotten up at 3 and put down that little melody I can't remember now

01/21/2009 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Merzbow while programming

12/16/2008 Quick Takes

Feedback drones today

12/15/2008 Quick Takes

It's all Basement Tapes today

11/23/2008 Quick Takes

I'm all about Pere Ubu's "Babylonian Warehouses"

11/21/2008 Quick Takes

I'm all Meat Puppets II today.

11/04/2008 Quick Takes

I have not yet played ukulele today, but I have indeed voted.

10/30/2008 Quick Takes

I play ukulele...and I vote.

09/10/2008 Quick Takes

I'm coding and listening to Om on repeat

08/10/2008 Quick Takes

I now own a new Danelectro '63 "reissue" baritone.

07/27/2008 Quick Takes

I'm going to be plugging everything into a big feedback loop

07/16/2008 Quick Takes

I'm seriously enamored of Earth's "The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull."

07/15/2008 Quick Takes

I'm banging my head against a composition

07/07/2008 Quick Takes

I'm really making good on my threats to start an avant-garde drone metal band

07/06/2008 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Morton Feldman (notably "Coptic Light," "Crippled Symmetry," the Rothko Chapel, and "Patterns in a Chromatic Field")

05/29/2008 Quick Takes

I'm kind of obsessed with the Fall Peel Sessions