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Web Development: Node.js/MongoDB
05/15/2013 Node.js/MongoDB: Net Minds Corporation

Looking for a chance to branch out in new technologies, I joined the early-stage startup Net Minds to help build out its app/service. Responsibilities included building a web-based RESTful JSON API in Node.js (using express) with a MongoDB database (with a mongoose.js interface), and Redis for storing sessions. The product needed to interface with third party APIs for user authentication (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Google+, github), Stripe's API for payment processing, DocuSign's API for document signing (although we also tested several other providers), and I worked toward interfacing with Balanced Payments' API, continuing development of the node-balanced npm on a forked github repo. I took over some server administration duties, including managing AWS EC2 instances, configuring Haproxy to deliver our CORS-compliant API over SSL. I participated in planning and strategy meetings, designed database schemas (in MySQL) and pseudo-schemas (in mongoose for MongoDB, which is ordinarily schemaless), and interfaced with the front-end development team, who were building an Ember.js app to handle user interaction and asset presentation in the browser. Task management was trending toward agile methods with the help of PivotalTracker, and we managed several simultaneous code branches in git.