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Web Development: PHP/mySQL
01/03/2003 PHP/mySQL: Online Project Tracker for Washington Mutual Home Loans Marketing

It was actually quite a busy fall and winter here, as I'd been working on a project tracking system for this particular office of Washington Mutual, Inc. since October. We're wrapping up this phase of it fairly soon, and it's been quite an interesting project.

The deepest part of the project to me has been how to handle the searching and display of the hierarchy--projects can own subprojects, and subprojects can own activities, but all of these can own notes/tasks...and often the system needs to search all of these branches--and needs to make sense of the results. (Yes, it does search and make sense of them.) There's also quite a nice display system for expanding and collapsing the hierarchy (item by item and also globally), and which remembers what you've chosen to expand or collapse. And there are several convenient reporting options to see what stages the various projects are in.

Once again, kudos are due to the rest of the team at Tajima Creative Group for the elegant design and the overall management of this large project. (Note that there are no links to this project, as it's an internal site.)