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Web Development: PHP/mySQL
02/28/2003 PHP/mySQL: Online Project Tracker for Washington Mutual Home Loans Marketing

I've just finished this project, and it involved a couple very interesting extensions. The client asked for online spelling checking, which was a new area of development for me. There happened to be some issues with custom PHP builds on the host, so I ended up compiling and installing Aspell, and connecting PHP to it through a pipe, with a fair amount of Javascript for the interface. It works quite well, actually, with some significant advantages over PHP's pspell commands, particularly that we can check whole blocks of text at once, instead of being limited to checking one word at a time.

We also made some changes to the hierarchy, and addressed a number of browser-specific issues to make life easier for the client. And the project was due on Monday the 3rd, but we've turned it over to the client early. A very nice project. (Again, Tajima Creative Group deserves significant credit for design, UI, and project management on this one.) I'm not linking to the project, by the way, as it's for the client's internal use.