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Web Development: PHP/mySQL
07/15/2004 PHP/mySQL: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

In what's turned out to be a two-launch day, I've also launched (smoothly, I might add) the new site of well-known art book publisher Harry N. Abrams, Inc.. The design was done by their in-house team (very nice work--check out the Flash they did on each of the imprint pages), and necessitated that many of their books get as many as seven images. Given that they have over two thousand books in print, that was a lot of work, and there was a gap of a few months between our first and second stages while they prepared their files. When we reconvened, there were some additional feature requests (connections between books and calendar events, special cases with some ISBNs, changes to the behavior of the searches, some alternate ways of maintaining content, and more). What we have is a pretty solid site with some powerful tools. We're all quite happy with this one--take a look.