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Web Development: PHP/mySQL/CSS
03/21/2006 PHP/mySQL/CSS: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

We've launched it! The latest version of the Harry N. Abrams, Inc. site is up! Most tables are gone and .css is how we're doing positioning (a few are used by staff in the feature pages; there's one legacy table on a search page, and there are tables for the calendar). Quite an undertaking, getting it to render properly on all major browsers, but it's a lot easier to maintain. We've also added a lot of interesting features: the ability to keep lists of books, send e-cards, and email pages to friends. We've also improved the interface in a number of ways, particularly on the detail pages. So take a look--it's quite a nicely designed site, too, courtesy of their Marketing Art Director Eric Diloné.