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Web Development: PHP/mySQL/CSS
11/17/2006 PHP/mySQL/CSS: N64kids.com

In what turned out to be quite a busy Fall, I managed to do the primary development (as part of the Synklynk, Inc. team) on N64Kids.com--the main site dedicated to a rather popular viral video, which has recently been picked up as part of a BMW ad campaign. I did the PHP/mySQL frontend and backend, as well as HTML/CSS. Neat features: a membership area, live XML parsing from YouTube, the ability for members to link to videos they've posted on YouTube, and the ability for admins to screen out any videos that might be inappropriate. As you'd expect from a Synklynk, Inc.-related project, the membership system is tied into the Synklynk, Inc. promotional and reporting engine I built earlier this year. A neat little project.