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08/08/1999 film: Eyes Wide Shut

Bitch though the critics will, I dug Eyes Wide Shut. Not perfect, but real good, and it is a lot of work to meet it. It's not the commercial porn flick people thought they were going to get. Particularly striking in the Cruise/Kidman scenes were the way relationship tensions turn into absurd arguments, almost laughable, and then instantly become devastating. The air of sustained menace is impressive, too--great use of Ligeti, which also got positive reviews on the Zorn list, but I'm sure alienated the critics. Maybe the film's pro-monogamy stance put people off, too. Oh, how unfashionable...

03/07/1999 film: Stanley Kubrick obit

I'm speechless about Kubrick.

06/17/1998 film: Don't Look Back

A few days ago I saw D.A. Pennebaker's film of Dylan, Don't Look Back. I liked its lack of context--you don't know who half the people are; there's no narration; you're just thrown into events. Some of the famed "Dylan's a jerk" scenes seemed tongue-in-cheek to me, although the session with the Time magazine reporter seemed like pointless pseudohip revolutionary posing. Maybe it's just the naïveté of the times--in those days maybe Time magazine and its readers in the straight world actually seemed like the enemy. On the other hand, Time's corporate parent Time Warner and other megamedia conglomerates (along with corporate lobbying interests) have enough control to make them worth watching closely. (I should throw in some links here.)

The style of the film--the there-you-are, noncontextualized freewheelingness--reminds me of that first NPR broadcast in 1970. I talk about this sort of thing at some length on my Reading page.